How Different Tools and Apps are Making our Lives Easier

Since the dawn of time, all efforts made by man have been focused on one thing; make life easier. Whether it is the telephone, light bulb, when or host of other developments, the intent has remained constant-reduce the workload and make life more comfortable. Ironically, man has been working tirelessly to make technological advancements that would make a job less tiresome. Regardless, it is quite evident that these days that technology has indeed managed to make living facile. Some of the brilliant modern technologies that have made our life considerably easier and comfortable are discussed below:

Tools and Machines

There are a plethora of machines and tools developed due to the technological boom that have a large number of applications and have made a lot of tasks menial. These tools and machines are used in a variety of areas ranging from sewage management and exchange of data to urban energy management and infrastructural development. These tools and machines have provided us with a lot of conveniences that make it easier for us to lead our lives.


Gone are the days when you had to wait for long periods for letters. Today, you can literally communicate with people in any part of the world within minutes by just a touch of your finger. The most important documents and information can be sent digitally across the world and delivered within seconds. You no longer have to wait for the mailman to bring you what you want. Smartphones and tablets have made the entire process even simpler as they can be used for sending emails and have messaging apps that enable video calls.


Scores of businesses all over the globe have prospered thanks to the benefits offered by modern technologies. The power-point presentations, video conferencing options, laptops, easy-to-use simulators and numerous softwares have all become handy and useful tools for running a business. The tasks that previously took employees hours to perform and complete can now be done in half an hour or less. This in turn has enabled brands to massively extend their reach, and everyone from Kia cars to Oakley sunglasses, Cartier jewellery to Shell petroleum have increased their sales from it.

Money Transfer

Before the 21st century’s technological boom, sending money to loved ones in another part of the world was fraught with problems. It was not only expensive, but also slow and not very safe either. Today, these problems have been eliminated with the development of new and advance online money transfer services such as or PayPal that you can use for sending money anywhere right from the comfort of your home. The best part is that it costs you very little and is done within a day or two.

Travel Arrangements

There was a time when traveling was deemed as a tedious and nerve-wrecking task and making arrangements was downright dreaded. However, application of technology has made it easily manageable, so much so that even a 16-year-old can make the arrangements nowadays. You can easily find the latest flights, align them with your schedules, and choose accommodation and what not without making a lot of fuss. All this can be done right from your smartphone or tablet.


Virtual classrooms have become really popular because they allow everyone to continue their education without needing to go to an actual school. You don’t have to sit in the classroom for long hours and study boring topics. Virtual classrooms have made multitasking and time management easy as you can study while accomplishing a variety of other tasks. You can learn something without getting behind on your important tasks.

These are some examples that show how brilliant modern technologies have affected our lives in a big way.