Why the Hungarian GP has a place in Formula 1 history

Although fans of F1 will be aware that the Hungarian GP has been a fixture for over 30 years they may not know what makes the race so special, or some of the thrills which it has produced.

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Believe it or not, Hungary first hosted a Gran Prix in the 1930s. In 1936 a 3.1 mile track was laid out in a park in the city centre and Mercedes, Ferrari and the German-based Auto Union team each sent three cars. A huge crowd saw Tazio Nuvolari’s Alfa Romeo win by 14 seconds from Bernd Rosemeyer’s Auto Union entry.


Although interest in the sport declined in the country in the post-war years, by the 1980s the F1 authorities were looking to expand into Eastern Europe with Russia a candidate, but Hungary won the argument with the construction of the Hungaroring 19 kilometres outside the capital Budapest.

The location …

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